Reflective Beauty
Discover the Inner you
“Be the mirror that shows the true reflection of others by tearing down the walls of defeats and lies so you can see and know who you really are”
What do you expect to experience or get out of the session?
My Hope is that I would be able to help you Tear down the walls of the flaws & lies that you only see who you really are. That you can be whoever you want to be from this day forward. Its doesn’t matter what that man once said. It doesn't matter if you don't have things. It doesn't matter if you don’t have the knowledge you think you need.It doesn't matter what you think you are in this moment. But what i know and Believe is You are strong enough. You have purpose and potential in life. You are able, you can do it, you will do it. It will happen because you were made for it.It’s Who you are. YOU are PRICELESS!!!!
Ultimately to show you the reflection that shows throughout the time spent with you.. That you would be inspired, motivated, encouraged,uplifted, more than ever. To feel True love and Care. To be Heard, To believing you are Worthy. To believing you have a greater purpose in life. Having the confidence, Most all know have a greater value and purpose than any man/society says. Believing you are BEAUTIFUL,Amazing and most of all PRICELESS!!!

It is a 3 part session
 1 hour Photo shoot   -   10 edited pictures
         1-1.5 hour interview - 30-60 second video clip
                        1 hour - Revealing Results of the pictures and video clip

I feel it all starts at the beginning. See i feel it begins the moment you walk through the door. The conversations start with the photo shoot. Often i find that's where i begin to learn things about people.
When it comes to the photo shoot i’m not always all about the sit pretty and smile shot. It doesn’t matter to me My goal is to see the real you weather that is a smile no smile. I love to have the emotional connection to the picture.
This is where i really get to know the most about you. I will ask a series of questions. I will go through it all and pick out the reflection of who you really are. . It’s all about you.
Then i will make a short 30 - 60 second video clip of you from the interview.
Reflection Meeting (time)!!
This is where i will reveal the pictures and the video clip to you. I will show you the pictures that best reflect who really are. The video clip the best reveal the raw you. Most of all show you the reflection of all the beauty in you. I would to extend the option for you to invite family with as well. 
Thank you!