Richard was born December 16, 1980 in St. Cloud minnesota. He is the only child with a step sister who has always known to be his sister. He graduated from Royalton High school in 1999. In later years he did a little college at St.
Cloud State University and Crossing Collage.
Throughout his life women have played significant roles in his life. When his dad left when he was young. He lived with his mom. Among those days he got into smoking, drinking, drugs etc. To the point in which his mindset was if he wake up tomorrow he would do it again. Betting his Life he wouldn’t live to see the age of 16 or short after. Not long down the road he was to scared to close his eyes because he was afraid he wouldn’t wake up. To scared to die. Then one day in counseling with his mom she asked about him using drugs etc. He admitted to it and chose to get go to treatment. There they said he had to go to A.A. meetings. Which didn’t make sense to him given he considered himself to be a addict. He finally got unstubborn and went. There things changed. That is where it all began because this one lady. She would chose to go out of her way to chat with him. It was a little crazy to him, because he looked a lot different back then. This young kid of the streets. It didn’t seem to matter to her though. He honestly didn’t seem to care much about the meetings, but chatting with her is what he looked forward to. That’s why he kept going back. Then of course the meeting began to mean more to him as well. That bond and connection is what he needed most then. He always said if it wasn’t for her he wouldn’t be here today. He met many great people after that.
Fast forward to the end of the myspace days. He randomly met a girl who later became a great friend. On her myspace page she talked about this church ministry she went to. It sounded interesting so i asked questions. I’m not sure if she did it on purpose, but it was like she said enough to strike my interest to check it out. Then one day i did. There began his journey back into church. Which evolved into something so much greater that he would ever imagine it to be. Through that ministry he met some people who told him about this crazy cool church. He finally went and checked it out and never stopped going there. One thing he thought was odd and very different is that they have a women pastor. It was honestly a little out of the ordinary. .BUT, throughout the many years he has been attending the church. She has inspired his life in so many ways. He has seen many other woman step up as well.
Fast forward to 2016 He was at a point in life he didn’t know what he was able to do anymore physically and so on. He hit a deer with his car.. From the money he got for the car he decided to buy a nice camera and a car. He always wanted one to take nice pics with. So he reached out to a friend from the same church who he knows is an photographer to see what would be a good camera for him to buy. So he got one. It eventually ended up evolving into a business. The friend of his gave him simple pointers along the way. Even hired him for photo shoots and drone stuff later on. Also a great friendship evolved as well. She made a huge impact on photographer stuff for sure and in his life as well.
Later through a friend he came up with name for his business “Lens of Hope Photography”. Then one day he got this crazy idea and of course he fought with like usual. It would require him to get out of his shy and introvertedness. He attempted to do it his own way and of course he jumped the gun and things didn’t work out very well. At this point he began to give up on the idea. Then one day he met up with a girl who he sorta knew that. She is a business coach. He was a little afraid skeptical to share it all with her , because he hardly knew her. No matter what did he couldn’t avoid it and he shared it. Being full of so many ideas and anxiety etc. With in about 30-45 min into the meeting he was calm and rested. It was then he knew he met her for a reason. Later on he hired her to be his business coach so he could be successful and fulfil this crazy idea he had after all. There lies the beginning what now know as                 
 Reflective Beauty -  Discover the Inner you
“Be the mirror that shows the true reflection of others by tearing down the walls of defeats and lies so you can see and know who you really are”
This is geared towards women. He also has reached to another woman he met who is an interpreter at a big music festival for help to do session with deaf woman as well, It’s been full of challenges and doubts, but he keeps plugging away at it. With her help and vice along with supporters it has been easier for him to get thing to happen.
Throughout all the years and many bad decisions and complications of life. All the trouble and chaos he may have caused  there is always one women who has always been there threw it all with unconditional love. Always trying to do all she can and then some. Giving all she can to help me. That is my MOM…
If it wasn’t for all the woman he met along the journey of life he’s not sure where he would be at today. He is forever grateful for each and every one of them.

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